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Noordwijk and Noordwijk aan Zee offers a variety of restaurants for locals and tourists to enjoy. From traditional Dutch cuisine to international flavors, there's something to suit every taste.


Some popular restaurants in Noordwijk include:


  • Quartier Nord Restaurant & Club
  • De Zeemeeuw: This beachside restaurant offers stunning views of the North Sea and serves up fresh seafood dishes, including mussels, lobster, and fish caught daily by local fishermen.
  • Copper: This contemporary restaurant offers a modern twist on classic French cuisine. Their menu changes regularly to reflect the seasonally available ingredients.
  • Breakers Beach House: Located right on the beach, Breakers Beach House is a popular spot for a casual lunch or dinner. Their menu includes burgers, sandwiches, salads, and other beachside favorites.

Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner for two or a family-friendly meal, Noordwijk has plenty of dining options to choose from. So why not explore the culinary scene and discover your new favorite restaurant?


Other restaurants in Noordwijk: 


  • Restaurant Latour, Koningin Astrid Boulevard 5, 2200 BK Noordwijk
  • Salt Seafood Restaurant, Kon. Astrid Boulevard 107, 2202 BD Noordwijk
  • Beachclub O., Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard, 2202 GW Noordwijk
  • Copper Food & Drinks, Grent 1, 2202EJ Noordwijk

Beach club O Noordwijk

Quartier Nord Restaurant & Club

De Grent 30, Noordwijk aan Zee


Phone +31 85 301 9597

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Beach club O Noordwijk

Beachclub O

Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard 106 

2202 GW Noordwijk

Phone +31 71 3676894


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Tulum beachclub Noordwijk

Tulum Noordwijk

Zeereep 104 

2202 NW Noordwijk

Phone +31 71 5112121


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Salt restaurant Noordwijk


Koningin Astrid Boulevard 107 

2202 BD Noordwijk

Phone +31 71 3681803


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